Wean the child to sit in your arms

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Re: Wean the child to sit in your arms

Postby Tyler » Thu Mar 15, 2018 6:58 pm

My pleasant emotions just for you!!!I understand that it pretty comfortable to sit parents hands, but to my mind it can not last forever :lol: of course it is understandable fat it is much more interesting to explore the surrounding sitting on his parents hands. A child is seeking psychological comfort and protection. In the hands of parents around the world does not seem so dangerous. To my mind it is important for you not to be under the influences of cries when your child tries to manipulate you
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Re: Wean the child to sit in your arms

Postby Davis » Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:57 am

The main educators in this period of childhood are the family, neighbors, immediate relatives. But there are also new, very important adults - teachers. The image of the first teacher, her voice, tone and manner of approval or condemnation, sometimes to old age, sounds in our minds with the voice of our conscience. Her attitude to business, to people, to important and accidental events, our subconscious mind absorbs like a sponge.
At school the child enters the first social connections: the teacher - the student, the classmate - the friend, etc.
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Re: Wean the child to sit in your arms

Postby Joel » Sun May 13, 2018 6:36 am

Respect her desires and needs, but at the same time try not to forget about your own, and even less about the priorities of your family. If, of course, your plans do not include giving birth to a child and bringing him up together with your mother, but without a "source of conflict".
Do not let the problem in the family. Here you argue, talk, discuss, and all this instead of enjoying your family. You need to build your world and not repeat the mistakes of the older generation.
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Re: Wean the child to sit in your arms

Postby Adrian » Mon Jun 04, 2018 1:11 pm

He, your choice, should not torment you, should not raise doubts about your correctness in you, should not torture and remind you. And it will be only on condition that this is really your choice, which you have done sensibly, and therefore do not look for more answers to the question of whether you need a family or not, enough other people's opinions on this matter. Do not even analyze this article, you just need to free your mind from other people's points of view and other people's conclusions, you need to pay attention to yourself and define yourself as a person with a set of inherent qualities.
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Re: Wean the child to sit in your arms

Postby Caleb » Thu Jun 07, 2018 9:05 am

Remember the kamikaze, which they thought were dying for the sake of a great goal. Or suicide bombers, they too are deprived of fear of a meaningless death. This is an obvious example of how the absence of fear, destroys a life that could have been lived much more dignified and interesting, but alas, the stupidity and insufficient intellectual development has ruined a person. All this I tell you so that dear readers, that you love your fear and feel thanks to it your usefulness, it is important that you have this feeling, but this is how I use it, I will teach you this.
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Re: Wean the child to sit in your arms

Postby Natan » Mon Jul 02, 2018 4:12 pm

But that is not all. Debt is not just a commitment, it is also a responsibility. After all, if you are obliged to do something, then for your actions you should be responsible, so that these actions are correct. After all, a person driven by a sense of duty can irresponsibly fulfill his obligations, and what should he do with it? Responsibility is the responsibility to be accountable for their actions and for their consequences. And what does it mean - the duty to answer? This means that if a person does something wrong, if he makes a mistake, he falsifies, then he will be punished.
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Re: Wean the child to sit in your arms

Postby Daren » Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:47 pm

Realizing this, smart people agree or do not agree, for example, the business sometimes does not agree with the authorities, after which individual individuals flee abroad.
Therefore, it is not so much deception in the cunning of two really smart people that should take place, as a competent assessment of each other's possibilities and as a consequence the most sober approach to compromise.
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Re: Wean the child to sit in your arms

Postby Dilan » Thu Jul 19, 2018 3:38 pm

These problems can be solved if the man himself recognizes them and wants to change their attitude towards sex. Here, as with any other kind of pleasure, as with any other habit and dependence - one must fight. In sex itself, there is nothing bad and never was, so that it can be loved, and it is just neutral to treat it as a most ordinary need, like, say, a need for food that you just need to satisfy. It's bad when the love of sex acquires such forms, in which this love brings problems, both to the woman and to the man. And when a person has problems on sexual grounds - this is also not good, not at all good. But there is nothing terrible in these problems.
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Re: Wean the child to sit in your arms

Postby Kane » Wed Jul 25, 2018 8:17 am

And if you see, when people lie to you, that's exactly the way it turns out, it just disgusts you or you become irritated. After all, it's not enough that a person does not have the strength to decide his questions honestly with you, so he is too stupid to properly lie, and in general understand who to lie to and who can not. So he stinks of him against the tart meat, reflecting the meanness of his character, such at the time to deceive himself, a little podgygrav.
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Re: Wean the child to sit in your arms

Postby Wester » Thu Aug 16, 2018 4:07 pm

There are things that we perceive positively, there are also those that we perceive negatively, and without even thinking particularly about why this happens. If a child is constantly beaten with a belt in his childhood, he experiences a pathological dislike for this subject, and even being an adult, his feelings of contact with this subject can cause him certain associations. Sometimes, instead of dislike, it may be a desire to raise your child in the same way, depending on what imprint is in the mind, left him with a subject that he was regularly hurt.

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