Hello everyone!!!

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Re: Hello everyone!!!

Postby Adrian » Wed Jun 06, 2018 11:03 am

Now imagine that the driver drove the couch to the customer, got into a big traffic jam or in an accident, he sat down cellular or he was out of range of the network, how often we sometimes hear in the tube of our mobile devices. The customer, not having waited for the goods not in two, not after three hours, of course starts to get nervous and call the store, getting to say to the cashier, because the phone is next to her. Of course, people are different, in one case a person can start just wondering where to place his order, and in another, he can immediately start talking on hanged tones.
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Elijah Scott
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Re: Hello everyone!!!

Postby Elijah Scott » Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:46 am

KeidenR wrote:Hi to you, I am a new one here as well :) :) I am Keiden and I am from Frankfurt, Germany. sorry for my bad English.. sometimes i write with mistakes... however, i am twenty eight and i am a writer. i write children's books, fairy tales and so on))) i work for one German magazine for kids and i am really fond of my job) I am in love and almost married

Keiden is that you on this photo? You look so young for your late twenties! Keep taking care of yourself, it suits you! Don't wory about your English! Everything is always understandable & people will not judge you ( remember , everyone is more or less friendly there ) Also, tell me more about your profession because it's sounds pretty decent and cool! Do you bring acute social things up in your books? I wanted to become writer in childhood , also had attempts of creating comic books and writing Harry Potter fanfics :D :D :D My favourite football player - Frank Lampard is also childhood writer!
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Hello everyone

Postby Lythind » Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:09 pm

Hello my name is Richie im from donegal in ireland and drive a 92 Black MR2 T-Bar Twin Cam Model. At the minute i dont have any pictures a it but i will get them up as soon as i wash her up etc.

Wheres everyone from on this site??


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