Any experiece?

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Re: Any experiece?

Postby Wester » Thu Aug 16, 2018 3:24 pm

A signal from outside is the same impulse that requires an answer, and we receive such informative impulses constantly, giving out our response to them in the form of a reaction. That is, a pre-prepared answer, or in the form of a summary of its calculations, which is understandably always more appropriate than a more or less appropriate answer. In general, talk about such obvious things, but unfortunately not all of them I can for a very long time, because as you yourself understand, dear friends, it is possible to continue to disassemble our mental activity for a long time and thoroughly.
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Any experiece

Postby Lythind » Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:10 am

This is my first time on here, but I really need some help/advice.

I was put up for adoption at 6 weeks old and I have had a lovely life with two wonderful parents and sister. Over the years I have always been told I was adopted and given little bits of information along the way, but always at the back of mind has been thoughts/questions about my birth mum. I have over the years tried to find out information about my birth mum without much luck. Three weeks ago I found a web site for which I typed in my birth name and was taken aback to find a message on there for me where my brother was looking for me a brother I never knew I had, the message was over five years old, but I replied in the hope I would get a response, which I did. I not only found out I had one brother but two, and that we all live within 15 miles of eachother. I was then even more surprised to find out that my birth mum actually went on to marry my birth dad a year after my adoption. Since then my life has been like a rollercoaster, I have met my two brothers who are absolutely brilliant, we keep in touch every day and I feel so close to them its scary. I have also met my birth mum and dad who I really wanted to dislike but again they are lovely, it has been an extremely emotional three weeks for me, and here is the problem. My parents are both elderly and my father unwell, there is no way I can possibly tell them about all of this as it would break their hearts, I think they would disown me and I cant bear the thought of that, but Im torn as I so want to build up a relationship with my natural family too and make up for all the lost years with my brothers, but all the lying and deceit is making me feel ill. I seem to be crying all the time at the thought of being the only one left out of their family unit growing up because they are just so special and lovely and I feel like Ive been robbed of something and yet my upbringing was so good, so why do I feel like this?? My new family feel like a drug to me, I just need to keep talking to them and seeing them, is what I am doing bad? My new family realise the strain this is putting on me and have not pushed me in anyway, everything with them is to be on my terms and they understand that I cannot tell my mum and dad, although my birth mum would love to meet them to thank them, which I know will never happen, I just feel so mixed up and drained over it all, any advice or help would be much appreciated? thankyou

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