How I became a happy dad!)

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Re: How I became a happy dad!)

Postby Paul_O » Tue Aug 02, 2016 6:56 pm

Hey Ben) I was looking trough some of your posts here, and I am glad to tell you that you are just the man that I wanted to see on this forum! Someone who has his own experience, unlike the guys who only can write some things that they read ion the Net. Like me, for example) So, thanks for sharing your story... It was like a really good movie scenario.. i mean, there was both positive and negative sides in it... And there was lot of useful information. Especially about the agency that you used. I heard about the biodads before, now I see that the rumours were right, and it's really a good place.
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Re: How I became a happy dad!)

Postby Just_R » Wed Aug 03, 2016 9:01 pm

Hey Ben! I read some of your previous posts, and I liked you) but I never read this story.. So you have much more experience then we all have here together! That is nice to know) At least one knowing person, who will tell the real things instead of theory and things that someone read in the net yesterday. So maybe you will share some details? How is your daughter now, and your husband Mike? What agency did you use, and, if that is not a secret, how much did you pay for all the program? I was thinking of the Biodads agency, though I am not sure they have their department in US.
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Re: How I became a happy dad!)

Postby Harry_Oz » Tue Aug 09, 2016 9:47 am

You are right that personal experience is important. Since we started our program in Panax Center I understood that everything we've read and hear before is just theory. Of course, it is extremly needed to know all possible information before taking decision and starting the program but in process everything is not like you imagined before. Everything is ok and everything goes as it was written in the contract but since the first day of the program you have strange feeling, like something changed in your life forever. You don't see real changes yet but this feeling don't leave you, it is not fear or crazy is feeling of changes, feeling of new life and it is great
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Re: How I became a happy dad!)

Postby Easton » Wed Aug 10, 2016 4:15 pm

i am happy for you. it is very good that you are happy and it should be so in the life. of course children are great and those who want to become parents shall definitely know what it is like to have a wonderful small child. i think that you experience may be really useful for those who are using this website because as i know it is very difficult to get the child for the gay couple. maybe one day i will always become the father but it will not be soon that is for sure. but everything may be.
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Re: How I became a happy dad!)

Postby Josh_H » Wed Aug 10, 2016 4:23 pm

Wel, such an amazing storry and i am glad that you are a dad)) I am a happy father as well and i do not regret the decision of having a baby. My two year old daughter is my treasure, you know? I have never thought that i could be as much happy as I am now)))
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Re: How I became a happy dad!)

Postby Brendon_L » Mon Aug 15, 2016 8:07 am

A lot of info i must admit)))))))) Yep, a lot of theory, but in general in order to become a happy dad, you just have to find the love of your life, to get a baby an to ove and carry about him all the time. you have to be reay for family and decide it to happen.
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Re: How I became a happy dad!)

Postby Just_R » Wed Aug 17, 2016 1:38 pm

Hey, I visited the site of the Biodads recently - , it is pretty easy to guess, huh?) That was pretty informative. I did not call them yet though, and I did not really understand where are they, geographically I mean. i just wrote them the email right now, hope they will answer soon. I was wondering if they have the department in US as well, preferably somewhere close to LA, where I live. But I do not think I will be that lucky) So Ben, tell us more about your daughter! How is she, how old is she, what is she doing right now? Let me taste the flavour of your success)
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Re: How I became a happy dad!)

Postby Salvin » Wed Aug 17, 2016 1:44 pm

We failed four times on our way to parenthood. On the account of our family we have 3 surrogacy programms and 1 adoption process, for some of us way to fatherhood is really not easy but those who realy have desire to become a father don't stop on the way towards the dream. And finally we succeeded and it is the biggest award we could get for our tries.
And now I am thinking that I know nothing about parenthood, I don't know how to be the best father and sometimes I am scared because when you don't know what to do and there are no manuals how to do it because it is so personal staff it is really scary. Hope life will teach what to do and how to do it :D
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Re: How I became a happy dad!)

Postby JanisNiv » Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:01 pm

impressive i must say.. .wel the info is on the one hand stressfull and sad, you have managed a great way, but on the other hand you have chalanged problems and became stronger. now you are competely ready to face everything in this life!!!!!!!
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Re: How I became a happy dad!)

Postby Ben_Roar » Thu Aug 18, 2016 4:35 pm

Just_R wrote:Hey, I visited the site of the Biodads recently

I am glad that you've visited their site, that will same my time for answering lot of questions here) so you were asking me about the present state of things, I will gladly tell that) Our Susan is a year old already. My fiancée Mike is presently not at home, he will return in a week. So right now all the housekeeping and baby keeping is on me) I took some days off on my work, and in the mean time my sister comes over to help me with daughter. I am glad I have such a sibling as she) In this particular moment my girl is sleeping in the next room, I did not want to wake her up by the sound of typing.. the keyboard on this laptop is pretty noizy) So, that's the story)

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