What do the children's drawings say us about?

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Re: What do the children's drawings say us about?

Postby Lui » Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:17 pm

Oh Martin, you tells really right things and ultimately all parents should pay attention to it without any words. Drawings can tell parents really a lot... For children it is difficult to express their emotions and feelings by words, so many do it on paper through the ink or pencil, but the children's drawings can provide invaluable information to parents about the health and outlook of their child. Also it is better to pay attention to the use of colours in his pictures. It would be really good. Don't forget about it..... ..
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Re: What do the children's drawings say us about?

Postby Ernest » Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:28 pm

If the child correctly uses all the colors: grass - green, sky - blue, the sun - yellow. There is no reason to worry - your baby feels harmony. If in the picture there is dominated red color - the child is very active. You can even observe hyperactivity. If the child uses blue, it is possible that a child is sad or bored by someone from relatives of close friends. Black color and strokes, tearing paper, should alert parents, so they can talk about fear and depression experienced by the child. Colors can really say a lot about children. You should just be attentive and try to understand your child.
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Re: What do the children's drawings say us about?

Postby Diego » Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:39 pm

I hope I am going to see that kin of drawing from my kid someday.. Since I already applied to the surrogacy program, this day is not that far away already)
I never show any interest in drawing, rather to the music. But I did not become an artist of any sort. If I will notice some passion to the art in my kid, I will help him to develop his skills, if he wants that. Such things as talents must be noticed in time - and they must be cherished. That is something that I would call a gift from the God, it would be a real waste just to throw them away and forget about them.

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