Traveling by car with a child

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Re: Traveling by car with a child

Postby Sam32 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 5:58 pm

First of all you should talk with your child, no mattar what his age is. Try to play some games, for example: "I see something ..." . If the travelling takes much time then you should make stops in some interesting places and show these places to your child for him not to be bored. Try to be calm all the way, because children feel when you are anxious.
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Re: Traveling by car with a child

Postby Ernest » Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:04 pm

Let your child draw only with pens that can be washed then. When choosing markers for drawing note that some of them persistent and not washed away from the glass. Be sure to consult with the sellers and at the same time check when buying proper markers. Sing songs. Male a disk or on any media save (USB flash drive, memory card), your child's favorite songs. Sometimes sing along with it, and any trip would be interesting to him! Listen to audio fairy. Kids love fairy tales. Well, now that there was now a lot of recorded audio tales. Pick up and listen to the child's interest in advance for recording.
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Re: Traveling by car with a child

Postby Nilson » Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:23 pm

I think that this is great idea but everything depends from the place where you decided to stay and have some rest. i think that there you will be happy and impressed with the time yu will get all together and from the number of things you will have to do there all the time for you . i want you all just pay attention on the one of the best places for the stay there. La Tatucera Montevideo Hostel is a gay-friendly hostel situated in Montevideo. It will take you 18 minutes to get to the beach and Rio de la Plata, and 20 minutes to get to Independencia Square on foot from the hostel. Solis Theatre is 500 meters away.
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Re: Traveling by car with a child

Postby Howard » Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:09 pm

Passports are now required for all children, including infants and toddlers, for international U.S. travel. Make sure to order them 4-6 weeks in advance to allow for their applications to be processed. Double check everything, as the last thing you want is to cancel a trip because your child's passport application was denied for lack of information. If you don't need a passport to travel, still remember to take a copy of your children's birth certificates. The cut-off age for lap children is two years old. Some airlines don’t ask for a birth certificate and some do. So to be on the safe side, keep a copy of your children’s birth certificates in your purse/bag. Of course, if you have a passport, you will not need to bring birth certificates as the passport will provide complete authentication.

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