Too fast cumming

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Re: Too fast cumming

Postby JerryLee » Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:17 am

Well, i should say that there are natural training techniques you can use. Of all the many methods to tackle premature ejaculation, the behavioral techniques are the only ones with the potential to actually cure the problem. If you and your boyfriend are willing to practice some specific techniques, he may be able to develop much better control. And it will save you both a lot of money on desensitizing products over the coming years. I also think it’s a good idea to educate yourself as much as possible about the problem. So you can always read it first, then pass it on to him. In many ways it’s helpful to present him with real solutions. You can give him the book, then leave it to him to decide to read it or not. :D
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Re: Too fast cumming

Postby Endi » Wed Jul 13, 2016 9:26 pm

i do not think that there are a lot of men who worry about it too much, i know that a lot of my friends do not like long sex and for them it is better to have short sex but very dynamic and pleasant , i think that it is really worth it. i also do not like long sex and when my partner cums too fast i do not even think about it, it is normal.and for me his satisfactions is more important than mine. and to my mind it is right. of course he always tries to make it pleasant for me but still.
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Re: Too fast cumming

Postby Paul_O » Thu Jul 14, 2016 5:37 am

Hey, that is not that big problem, especially if that occurs only when you had a pause in your sex life, as you say. If that problem did not exist before - it is just temporary. When you will have more active sexual life - with one partner - all will be back on its place and time) Many men experience that kind of problem chronically though. I did not have that problem on constant terms, but that does happen to me when I have sex for the first several times with a new partner. But then my body and mind get use to the new person, aura - and all goes fine, better and better, usually)
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Re: Too fast cumming

Postby Nory » Fri Jul 22, 2016 9:56 am

For men who cum too fast, premature ejaculation is a dreaded condition that hinders confidence and greatly reduces the enjoyment of your sex life. Ejaculating too fast is the most common sexual dysfunction among men and affects millions of men worldwide, and unfortunately there is no concise cause to the problem. There are many possible reason causeing you to cum too fast and the suspected culprits range from psychological mechanisms to drug effects to genetics to bodily dysfunction and ailments. Whatever the issue that causes you to cum too fast and thus leading to your inability to have long-lasting sex.
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Re: Too fast cumming

Postby Nilson » Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:57 pm

Hi everybody here) I think this is vide spread problem. :? :? :? Ejaculation is controlled by muscles called pubococcygeus muscles. These are in charge of controlling urine and semen flow. If you manage to strengthen them you will be able to stop yourself from cummin too fast and maintain your orgasm for a longer period. T :? :? :? o identify them, when you go for a short call, stop the flow of urine and you will feel a muscle between your testes and anus contracting. To strengthen them, you will need to be performing this short exercise, hold your urine for some seconds when urinating as often as you can.
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Re: Too fast cumming

Postby Easton » Wed Aug 10, 2016 2:52 pm

i know about this problem because i also faced it but i think that i can not help you a lot with it. the first thing i can tell you about it that it may destroy your relations and if you have some doubts whether your relations are strong and happy without sex then it is better to break up with this partner. the thing that helped me is just the patience of my partner and a lot of sex. of course the first time is always short but the second even the third are much longer. and of course i have a lot of experience.
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Re: Too fast cumming

Postby Williams » Fri Sep 16, 2016 9:24 am

you just have to find a suitable partner fro you and then you would be really very happy. do not worry about it. not all people like long sex , i think that even more than a half of people like short sex but with a good emotion. and i am just such a person, i do not like long sex at all,for me it is really better to have short but very enjoyable sex with my partner. i hope that you have understood me really very good and you would not worry about it. it is not a problem, i think that you shall not think about it as about the problem. i wish you good luck and i really hope that you would be able to find the person suitable for you.
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Re: Too fast cumming

Postby Lui » Fri Nov 24, 2017 4:41 am

I am glad to write here again. Do you have the same ??? Everything is okey with you? dear friend, I would like to say that I had the same situation but it was a lot oF years ago. I have found here the recommendation that seriously helped me there. you should to do exercises that will help to restore it. In the course of performing exercises according to the method of Kegel male learns to adjust the tension and relaxation of certain muscles of the pelvis and tailbone. As a consequence, at the same time practicing the skill of ejaculation control. From my experience - it is soooo helpful
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Re: Too fast cumming

Postby Timmy » Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:58 pm

How are you going to spend this night? Hanging out somewhere?? Or spending this night at home??? It is difficult task of sex when you can have sex. For someone it is exactly horrible!!!! The anesthetic may prolong your sex just few minutes. You should note that this thing starts to act at once you need a few minutes to frost penetrated the skin. I think this may be one of the best ways to deal with your problem. Of course, from time to time it is much better to have a consultation with some expert in this area.
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Re: Too fast cumming

Postby Ernest » Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:39 pm

Quick orgasm proves to be planned very nature: rapid ejaculation - so early fertilization and procreation. In ancient times, men did not care about improving the technique of sex and bringing women to orgasm. But now this problem is very serious!
To one of the most common reasons due to which such things can happen - the long absence of regular sex. Perhaps this is absolutely not enough, but it really is the number one problem in such cases. And it is quite adequate to the problem, which may have similar effects.

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