Healing period

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Re: Healing period

Postby Kane » Wed Jul 25, 2018 9:26 am

The need for the continuation of the family through an alliance with a person of the opposite sex, through the family, through serious relationships, if we talk at the level of our culture, means more, let's say, an advanced approach to life. And this need gives rise to the desire in us to be close to such a person, through which we can best meet her. That is, if you are a woman - you need a reliable, responsible, serious, caring man with whom you can have a family that can become a good father to your children and a good husband to you.
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Re: Healing period

Postby Wester » Thu Aug 16, 2018 6:04 pm

For the opportunity to satisfy all your basic needs, a miserable and insignificant body of a monkey, is ready to give anything, while our true essence, our proud and strong spirit, is simply not able to influence the body. Why can not he do it? Yes, because it, my friends, is a matter of choice, which we do, guided by our reason. Here it is, our freedom with you is freedom of choice. Only we decide, to be us people, or that lazy monkey that is given to us as a carrier of our personality in this life. And let the monkey put on chains, let them imprison her and in any other way restrict her actions, do the same with the spirit of man, with his mind, no one is able.

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