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Re: flowers

Postby Jared » Mon May 16, 2016 7:32 pm

I am not that good in growing plants but i do know that humidity is very important for them. Heating in our homes dries out the air to desert-like conditions.During the summer most homes (without air conditioning) have humidity levels in the 40-60% range. This is perfect for indoor plants. It is dry enough to inhibit fungus, but moist enough to keep them comfortable. During the winter however, with our heaters blazing, it is common for humidity to drop below 30%. Desert air has 10-30% humidity...much too dry for all but the cactus and succulents. Rooms, such as the bathroom or kitchen, which tend to have a little higher humidity, are a little more plant friendly. If you want to keep your plants in drier areas, there are some things you can do; adding a humidifier to a room will definitely help, but there are easier ways.
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Re: flowers

Postby Tomislav » Wed May 18, 2016 8:30 pm

Sure i have plants at home) I know that they are cool) Plants help fight colds. And i often get that thing. A study by the University of Agriculture in Norway found that indoor plants can also help fight colds. The research showed that indoor plants decreased coughs, sore throats, fatigue, and other cold-related symptoms by more than 30 percent. Researchers attributed these benefits to the fact that plants help increase humidity levels and decrease dust in your home. So even i will not be able to grow my own plants from the seads - i will a ready made plant if i can say so)
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Re: flowers

Postby JayCee » Wed May 18, 2016 8:49 pm

Yeah,dude,I do love some flowers and all that,but it's more for my partner Stephen to talk about with-he's ready to talk about some plants and flowers for hours and days,dude,believe me. ;) :P I'm not saying I'm tired of him that way-I'm not the same as him and that's all.Although,I do help him to take care of it all from time to time-and we do have a lot of flowers all around our new house and it's all so wonderful and smells crazily good! 8-) :o Especially those little cute poppies under the window of our bedroom-it's real beautiful. 8-) ;)
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Re: flowers

Postby Teddy » Wed May 25, 2016 6:25 pm

we should have at least a few houseplants in any place where we live or work. They neutralize harmful substances in the air around us and secrete large amounts of oxygen. Aloe naprmier, improves the immune system and strengthens the body. If you keep in the house begonias, the room will be much clearer. They are very well increase the humidity and collected on their fleecy leaves dust. Begonias are suitable for people who suffer from allergic reactions. Gerbera Jameson is not only beautiful and attracts attention, but also cleans the air from chemical toxins, fungi and microorganisms.
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Re: flowers

Postby Marko » Thu May 26, 2016 10:24 am

I think that plants are what helps us make our lives better. Also, they help us in many things, especially to comfort. Such plants as dracaena, Chlorophytum and lemon give positive energy, inspiration and comfort, bring harmony in life. Very suitable for energy and protect the house from bad "eye" fern. Only it is necessary to put in the big room near the window. I'm learning some things to be able to grow and whimsical decorative plants without a special effort. In addition, I think that these skills will always be very useful. Flowers make our lives much brighter.
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Re: flowers

Postby Stephen » Thu May 26, 2016 9:55 pm

Oh yeah,you've stepped on my favorite territory-I love flowers,I love growing it all,I love giving it as the present to everybody,I love to see it on the street or in the forest,I love to sniff it,I just love it and that's that! 8-) :) ;) It looks like almost if I was talking about marijuana,don't it? :D Yeah,but anyways-I do love flowers and there are plenty of different ones all around our house,in and out,you know what I'm saying?I take care about it all every day-sometimes my partner helps me but he's not really into that like me,so,it's more on me. 8-)
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Re: flowers

Postby JansenJace » Tue Jun 14, 2016 3:38 pm

I've been crasy about lily for ages, really. I gues that these flowers are the best)) Lilies are a group of flowering plants which are important in culture and literature in much of the world. Most species are native to the temperate northern hemisphere, though their range extends into the northern subtropics. Many other plants have "lily" in their common name but are not related to "true" lilies. The flowers are large, often fragrant, and come in a range of colours including whites, yellows, oranges, pinks, reds and purples. Markings include spots and brush strokes. The plants are late spring- or summer-flowering. Flowers are borne in racemes or umbels at the tip of the stem, with six tepals spreading or reflexed, to give flowers varying from funnel shape to a "Turk's cap".
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Re: flowers

Postby Michal » Tue Jun 14, 2016 3:44 pm

Yeah,so it's like there we go and all that-I don't think that it's something to be chatting here and f*cking up so much space for this one and time as well,cause I really don't see nothing really interesting in this one,I mean,wha the f*ck is flowers if you ask me,some stupid ass grass beneath our feet and nothing more,you know what I'm saying? :twisted: :mrgreen: I mean I never ever could understand really what's the whole buzz about-what's so cool and beautiful in all that?! 8-) :P A real cute man's body-that's what real beautiful to me,you dig? 8-) ;) :)
I'M NOT GAY, BUT 20$ IS 20$ :mrgreen:
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Re: flowers

Postby LoganE » Tue Jun 21, 2016 2:31 pm

I like tulips. the way they look, you know)) The tulip is a Eurasian and North African genus of perennial, bulbous plants in the lily family. It is a herbaceous herb with showy flowers, of which around 75 wild species are currently accepted.The genus's native range extends west to the Iberian Peninsula, through North Africa to Greece, the Balkans, Turkey, throughout the Levant (Syria, Israel, Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Jordan) and Iran, north to Ukraine, southern Siberia and Mongolia, and east to the Northwest of China. The tulip's centre of diversity is in the Pamir, Hindu Kush, and Tien Shan mountains. It is a common element of steppe and winter-rain Mediterranean vegetation.
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Re: flowers

Postby Sheldon » Tue Jun 21, 2016 8:45 pm

I have few things to tell on this topic. The pointy end always goes up! If you put the point down, your plant will still grow... but upside down.It will eventually get turned right side up and probably reward you with a crooked flower. Plant the bulb 2-2½ times deeper than the width of the bulb. Obviously, this rule doesn't apply to surface grown plants like Amaryllis and Iris. Remove spent flowers promptly, but always allow the foliage to continue
to grow until it dies back naturally.The foliage produces the nutrients needed to provide the next years flowers. Most bulbs should only be divided in early spring or the fall while they are dormant. As a general rule, the colder your climate, the earlier you plant your spring flowering bulbs. In colder northern climates, plant in September or October.In warmer planting zones you may need to wait to plant bulbs until December or later.

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