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Re: Relations on distance

Postby Owen » Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:57 am

During the first few months of romantic relationships, building them is easy enough. Of course, the relationships of many couples look easy from the outside and after a certain period of time, however, only two people know how much work they put in order to make things go well. Relations at a distance are very difficult to maintain, and the number of reasons they can fall apart is very large. Many relationships at a distance, of course, pass this test, however, they require serious efforts from people who must solve all the problems and obstacles caused by geography. Of course, with the appropriate thinking, emotional preparedness and great work, relationships at a distance can live. However, such pairs face a large number of potential traps.If you and your second half are in a relationship at a distance, then your lives are quite different, and some important circumstances prevent you from living in one city, or at least in one country. Maybe you just met and do not know each other enough to move to another city. Despite the flushed feelings, your lives still go in parallel. You can not just sell your house, leave work and move. It is very important for relationships to strengthen the sense of community, and the connection should be based on a mutually acceptable sense of stability. However, over time, you can gradually stop feeling the presence of your partner in your life, the same can be felt by him.
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Re: Relations on distance

Postby Bernard » Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:59 am

If you are currently in a relationship at a distanceyou should know that many relationships end because of lack of trust (for real or imaginary reasons), and relations at a distance are generally a minefield in this sense. In fact, you have no chance to find out if your loved one is deceiving you or not. But remember that finding next to each other does not give any guarantees. Healthy, monogamous relationships require from its participants a moral compass, ethical grounding, commitment and loyalty to the partner. Your trust in relationships largely depends on your personality, on your previous experience of romantic encounters, on your model of behavior, and of course whether you are a jealous person or not. If your second half really likes to flirt, then you can face real or fictional problems, which is not at all beneficial to your relationship. But your passie may not see anything like this, but the fear that he or she can go "to the left" will cause relationships at a distance to collapse under the weight of suspicion.
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Re: Relations on distance

Postby Marvin » Wed Apr 12, 2017 11:01 am

Depending on the type of person and the approaches of both sides to the issue, maintaining a relationship at a distance can be time-consuming, however, the "return on investment" may be small. Frequent e-mail messages, phone calls and sent postcards take a long time and take a lot of effort, however, sharing daily news with each other is not as important as the need to feel the closeness of a person. The more time away from each other you spend, the stronger the object of your affection may seem to be something abstract and not so real. E-mails, even if filling your box daily, will not be compared to finding someone near you who will help you, spend a day with you, and next to which you have new pleasant memories. The distance can give a serious crack to your relationship, and all efforts to conserve them can look like an attempt to impose a plaster on the gushing blood from the artery. After all, a growing sense of loneliness can make the wound too serious and not "treatable", then the death of the relationship begins. If your plans do not include unification in the near future with your mate, then the return from such a relationship will be minimal, while you will feel extremely uncomfortable.
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Re: Relations on distance

Postby Donny » Wed Apr 12, 2017 11:06 am

Sometimes, if the relationship goes to the "at a distance" stage, they can be initially programmed to fail. It can be (at least in the arguments of one of the couple) a safe way to start a new life without instantly losing safety and stability of him or her in a previous life. But even if a person does not plan to stay in a relationship at a distance, he may be afraid of "leaping into a new reality" without any support. However, as soon as the "new reality" begins to become familiar and familiar, phone calls "home" can become less frequent, less lengthy, and the person himself begins to be less interested in them. In addition to the sense of security (temporary) that relationships can provide at a distance, some people simply do not like being in a state of emotional devastation, which certainly brings a break. Such people who prefer to avoid confrontation at all costs with their second half tend to make a series of endless steps that can lead to disintegration, or they wait for their partner to take the initiative to break their ties, finally realizing all the hints. While a break on the phone is something abnormal in normal relationships, it is quite acceptable for a relationship at a distance when there is no other way out.
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Re: Relations on distance

Postby Fritiny » Wed Apr 12, 2017 11:11 am

What you and your partner expect from a relationship in the distance plays a crucial role in the success of such an alliance. "Relationships at a distance" for different people can mean different things. For one, this can be a "painful tragedy," while for another partner this could mean a "one-year vacation." If a couple does not have the same expectations, then at "separation" the distance can serve as a sentence for such a relationship. One partner can view the distance as a test of the relationship for strength, and he will be in anticipation of the soonest moment of reunification. The second partner can treat this as a fresh taste of life, but alone. He who wants to hear their mate 10 times a day is unlikely to understand if the partner deems it advisable to communicate once in a few days. Even being only on the phone, the person will not take long to understand that the partner does not share the same feelings about their separation. Moreover, not only the expectation is important, but the final result, which both partners hope for. Time division is the movement of relations a step forward or does the distance mean that the relationship is moving in a less perspective direction? No one likes to be abandoned, and this feeling is especially strong when one of the partners leaves his second half. The weeks and months before departure are likely to be painted by the upcoming separation. As a result, anxiety and even anger can begin to drive a couple before departure. Some people react more calmly to separation than others. For those people who have experienced something like that in their childhood, feelings overwhelming them can turn out to be all-encompassing when they are faced with the fact that their romantic partner will have to leave. The situation can be further aggravated by the fact that the second person had no right to vote when the partner decided to leave, in which case a person will feel powerless to influence the further development of relations. Of course, separation almost always leads to an increased sense of anxiety and unhappiness, but often these feelings go away and the relationship is restored, even at a distance. On the other hand, these feelings can also contribute to a drastic deterioration in relations, which are currently measured in kilometers, rather than in common dreams.
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Re: Relations on distance

Postby Gongorini » Wed Apr 12, 2017 11:14 am

Many relationships at a distance are a result of the fact that people do not have the opportunity to change circumstances that contribute to the fact that they are forced to live in different cities or regions. However, a person is not vitally fit to stay in a relationship for a long period of time at a distance. Such couples often themselves do not notice the changes that lead to the fact that they begin to become emotionally distant. Interests, values, friends lead to the fact that they slowly and discreetly separate from each other. Or, depending on the person's personality, these changes can occur quickly and noticeably. Not all relationships begin to last forever, so distance can only be one of the reasons why such unions cease to exist. There is always the possibility that the distance served as a catalyst for something inevitable. Some relationships are not workable by themselves, so attempts to keep them at a distance once again will show their doom. Unpredictable X-factor: one morning a person wakes up and realizes that he or she no longer feels a feeling of love, or he faces a new romantic interest. Career plans and new opportunities in this case serve only to spread people to different cities and countries, those people who, being next to each other, have long since moved away. Many relationships end at a distance, because the world continues to spin, but fortunately for those whose relationship with such a plan ceases to exist, life continues for such people.
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Re: Relations on distance

Postby Kreg32 » Tue Aug 01, 2017 8:08 pm

yes for many guys it would be interesting to talk about it because i think that a lot of guys are in this situation. you shall not think about distance or something like that, i think that it would not be a problem for you and for anyone and you shall know it, if you want to be friends with the person and you know that you have some common interests and all the time you have some topics to talk about then i think that everything would be perfect and you shall know it. but on the other hand i think that you shall be really careful because no one can tell you for sure that you can escape cheating.
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Re: Relations on distance

Postby Frankie » Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:56 pm

Hi people. I just answered the same question.. You know the one thing I can say here is : if you love your partner so much and if he loves you too, if your feelings are mutual, don't be afraid of the distance. of course we had a lot of querells and a lot of disagreements but I suppose that it was just because we missed each other. There is no problem nowadays to come in contact with each other. There are a lot of social networks and so on. I just say you that Skype is one of the most important gadget here. Everything will be okey, be sure. I had such relations and it is not difficult.
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Re: Relations on distance

Postby Lorry » Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:39 pm

I think that nowadays everything is possible and we all need just pay attention on the variety of the differnet ways of the connection with the each other. i THINK that you all need just pay attention on the possibiltiy to open something great and all the time look forthe time we all can meed and i think that you all the time need just pay attention on this fact. i all the time just try to get something interesting adn benefitial for both of us and i think that you all open something new all the time for you. I think that you all need just look for the possibility to have the vaactions together and spend as much time as you can.
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Re: Relations on distance

Postby Dan36 » Sat Oct 07, 2017 7:31 am

I trully think that you're right. I think this kind of relationships can exist.If you really love each other, then you can have such relations, but I don't think that you should be away from each other not very long, because such relationships are not very easy to save, so think it over.

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