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Re: Smoking

Postby Natan » Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:35 am

Many men like this kind of hunt, for them it is an interesting, exciting, exciting occupation. Some men completely devote themselves to this emotional game. Usually, the more a man's women, the more confident he feels. In addition, the man shows quite a high and long-term sexual activity in relation to every new woman, female precisely because not only from the psychological, but also from the biological point of view, his desire for sex with different women is a natural desire for him. Only to justify this desire for my infidelity, I do not recommend men. Remember that we are not animals, but people who, for their own good, should limit themselves in different desires.
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Re: Smoking

Postby Daren » Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:49 am

There are expectations about life and other people for all of us. Someone they are rather vague, but someone quite specific.
And after all, what kind of plans do we sometimes make for people, what kind of dreams do we associate with them, which, unfortunately, are not always fulfilled. And when our expectations are not justified, we often blame other people for it, as if they were to blame for the fact that we imagined a lot of ourselves.
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Re: Smoking

Postby Jason24 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:53 pm

I don't smoke, and my partner too. I am a sport person, so I think that it's dangerous. My friend smokes, she tried to stop doing that, but she has many stressful situations. Also my grandfather smokes, he has some heart diseases, but it's his habit, and he couldn't stop, he smokes one or two packs of cigarettes

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