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Re: Cards

Postby Chase » Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:32 am

yes i am a really good card player. i play cards since my childhood and i think that it is very interesting game. i am a big fan of azart games and i think that it i a wonderful way to relax and forget about your job, your troubles in family and everything like that. i like to play for money, i think that it motivates you to win and you have the purpose to play. my grandfather was my teacher and he spent a lot of time in order to teach me play good and i am really thankfull to him.
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Re: Cards

Postby florian » Sat Aug 06, 2016 2:28 pm

The bridge - is the ultimate card game. It takes the human element, the logical analysis element and the perception reasoning of ones brain, to play well. No wonder computers even today, still can't play at levels near experts. It is the king of card games, with the prestige fit for Kings, not to mention a collaboration of complex rules, that make a steep learning curve on other games, seem like a flowery park hill.
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Re: Cards

Postby Adam » Sun Aug 07, 2016 5:57 pm

I love to play poker – for the money. And just for the money. At least on the symbolic, otherwise the meaning is lost. In poker, it is impossible without betting. Sometimes it is possible and in a large way to play if you know how to stop in time. Yes and it is really uninteresting to play poker without money. I personally do not feel money passion. I play not for the enrichment. Just when you're playing for money, resentment intensified during the loss and joy in winning, that is, the game becomes more serious and fun. Also it is a good reason to spend some time with friends or just try your fate. The main thing is to know when to stop!
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Re: Cards

Postby Nilson » Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:16 am

HI guys) :D :D :D I like to play cards with my friends . I know that this game has many benefits. Playing cards can be a pastime that offers pleasure and social enjoyment. 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) A game of cards is a way of entertaining yourself in a group and it is one of the most popular indoor activities adults play. Handheld and free standing card holders allow playing cards to be held securely but discreetly, if you have reduced manual dexterity and are unable to hold an entire hand of cards. Card games can give you a chance to interact with others in an initimate setting while engaging in a little friendly competition.
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Re: Cards

Postby Josh_H » Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:19 am

Azart games for me is not a ban of course, but i cannot say that i do play a ot this time. first of all because i am a father of a smal kid and almost al our free time is spent on my daughter, but when we have some spare minute we really can play pocker withy friends, i do not see anything bad about it)
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Re: Cards

Postby Easton » Wed Aug 10, 2016 1:55 pm

well i can not tell you that i really know all the games in cards and i am really good at it but still sometimes i may play and even for money. i do not understand those people who play cards not for money. it is very boring and you do not have the aim to win. if you are playing with friends then i think that it is really perfect to play for money. of course, i do not do it very often, just once a month or even more rare. we gather together with friends and just relax and have fun.
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Re: Cards

Postby Brendon_L » Thu Aug 11, 2016 7:25 am

I play cards rather often. togwther with my friends from the university we usually organize game evening, once a week and play on money an drinks. it is a party ike evening and we realy have fun doing it. i am a goo player and lost only once, when i just started)
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Re: Cards

Postby Pollo » Thu Aug 11, 2016 8:41 am

I am not a fan of cards but sometimes I can play them . And I think that it is very interesting time spending and good pleasure for me and my friends. I also know that they have many benefits for nervous system and for body and mind. Card games can teach math and memory skills, as well as strategic thinking, psychologist and sociologists say. Also, the conversation and friendly rivalry that come with sitting down to play cards can strengthen family ties. Family games also can build children’s confidence: The rules are the same for everyone, and it is fun to play a game in which anyone can win.
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Re: Cards

Postby Prescot » Sat Aug 13, 2016 4:49 pm

It depends on my mood, but with a pleasant person, or people- why not to play, mm? Set the table, good booze, snacks, stories, and the game is in the game of cards, very funny and relaxed. Now basically we are playing at who will drink more - within measures, is that extreme desires, but not like before. For example, in the past we played the fact that the loser shaves his eyebrows, or goes to neighbors to congratulate with the new year without any clothes, it was not by itself the new year. And now- loser is singing on the street, as a last resort, if health permits, dives into the pool when the water is cold enough. In general, without the extreme, sharp little fun is not particularly interesting to play cards, highlight very exciting, without it to play cards is not interesting.
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Re: Cards

Postby DamonLink » Sun Aug 28, 2016 5:56 pm

I would say it is one of the best wqays to spend time, when i do not do it in my favourite way. i mean active rest. :D :D Once, being at the seaside, there was a storm and rain, and we had to be indores. so my friend sujested to play cards and we spent time greatly. It is really pleasant thing to p0lay cards with friends.

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