Are you into sports?

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Re: Are you into sports?

Postby Easton » Fri Aug 19, 2016 2:30 pm

i can not tell you that i am into sports. i am too lazy and coach potato. there are many different kinds of sports and you have to think carefully in order to choose the best one. i think that it depends on your taste , because there are some active sports or maybe not very active, you may play in a team or be alone, there are also winter and only summer kinds of sports. but you have to know whether you can go in for sports due to your health. but i think that it is very good decision and it would be very useful for you. although i do not go in for sports i would like to do it.
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Re: Are you into sports?

Postby DamonLink » Tue Aug 23, 2016 2:40 pm

I am into keeping fit) that is ore honest i guesss. i do not go into any serious sports, you know? just like doing some exercises and playing with guys... But seriously i am not doing any kind of sport. i am not a sportsman, guys. but i want to look good and do a lot in order to get this.
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Re: Are you into sports?

Postby Nilkoln » Thu Sep 01, 2016 1:57 pm

Yes, i like sport and I have many favourite sports. Some years ago i lived in China and sterted playing badminton. . Badminton is one of popular sports in China. :D :D :D I think the key most chinese people like it is because it is flexible accordance with chinese body. Of course, I like badminton too. :) :) :) :) :) I am a fan of badminton and there is no any bitcoin bets that take part in it, although it is less popular but still every sport should be listed so people can bet everything.... This sport helps me be fresh and more confident in my forses and look really great, because my bady is very fit and slim :) :) :) :)
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Re: Are you into sports?

Postby DANIEL » Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:11 pm

I am not fond of sport, but I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle - I like to swim, to run, to ride a bicycle. I think that its a kind of sport too, and the purpose is the same))) Most of my friends like football, basketball, voleyball and etc. so I just watch it with them sometimes.
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Re: Are you into sports?

Postby KeidenR » Mon Sep 05, 2016 2:38 pm

I am into making myself me)))) i mean i do not go into some professional kind of sports. i am just making exercises and work out a bit in order to have good figuer. but it does not mean that i am into some serious sports :) :) I guess that every guy who wants to achieve good results must look after himself and work out ;) ;)
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Re: Are you into sports?

Postby JackHunter3 » Tue Sep 13, 2016 6:11 pm

I am into making my life interesting, you know))) i do like looking fit and of caurse like all normal people i do understand that i cannot get it by sitting on my ass and doing nothing.. so i usualy work out and run in the morning. sometimes with my bros play tennis and other great games.. we are a bit sporty :lol:
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Re: Are you into sports?

Postby DANIEL25 » Wed Sep 14, 2016 7:13 am

Hello everyone!)
No, I am not. Sometimes a cam watch some kinds of sport, but very rare and mostly only with friends (just dont have and desire for it). I think that its better to do something else during free time. If to choose - to look some sport programme or film - I will choose the 2
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Re: Are you into sports?

Postby Williams » Wed Sep 14, 2016 2:55 pm

you know i can not tell you that i am really active in sports but still i try to be in a good shape. there are a lot of different kinds of sports and i can definitely tell you that i have some of my favourite ones. i like volleyball. i like to play it on the beach when you just can relax and when it is really hot you may swim in the sea. in such a way you combine something that you like with something that would be very useful for your health. i also like jogging but only when it is not very hot and there are not many people around you. sometimes people just make me angry and irritated. wish you good luck.
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Re: Are you into sports?

Postby Chase » Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:18 pm

Well I can not tell you that I am really into sports but I think that it is really very good to go in for sports and be active and I think that you can understand it as well and you would agree with me about the importance of it. But on the other hand I can tell you that you shall really think that you are doing right things and what you choose. I think that all the time you shall be smart and you shall do smart things and I think that you know what I am talking about. But of course I would like to have enough time for sports as well and I hope that one day I would have enough time for that.
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Re: Are you into sports?

Postby Benjamin123 » Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:56 am

Nice to meet all of you here today!!! How are you spending your day?? Work or home??let's share with me your thoughts as for it. I want to say that I into sport of course. I also know that the National Basketball Association is the most popular and widely considered to be the highest level of professional basketball in the world and NBA players are the world's best paid sportsmen, by average annual salary per player. As for details I know that outside North America, the top clubs from national leagues qualify to continental championships such as the Euroleague and FIBA Americas League.

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