what is marriage for you?

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what is marriage for you?

Postby Bart » Mon Mar 26, 2018 6:58 am

Guys, I am going to ask you... What is marriage for you?.is it something sacred or not? Do you think that it is inseparable part of your relationships? Share your thoughts. Especially for me marriage is not feeling, it is just official paper of the fact of your living together and sharing duties. But it is not a proof ofyyour feelings, mutual feelings. I think that if both of you believe in your love and your feelings, so you won't need any proofs, you can live together during the whole life without being married. It is actually my strong opinion as for it.
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Re: what is marriage for you?

Postby Daniel89 » Wed May 23, 2018 7:20 pm

I find this article pretty valuable for everyone. We all should read the article for finding out some more new information. Marriage is a result of your love. But maybe not in all cases, but in most of them. I am a married guy and I appreciate every single minute spent with my dear husband. I am so happy that I can easily find common language with him and even when we have some difficulties or disagreements we try to find compromises and exact solution for the problem. we try to FL the best to make our marriage really strength, we live for each other and that's all.
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Re: what is marriage for you?

Postby Jason24 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:43 pm

In many cases marriage is important part of person's life. Many people want to have a marriage, try on white dress and celebrate it with many guests. But if you want to have in future children, you should get married, As if you want that your child will be brought in official relationships. But in any case it's your decision.

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