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Re: balance

Postby German » Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:49 am

Look for those with whom you can find a common language, thanks to a similar view of life and kinship of souls. Look for friends of interest, look for a loved one with a similar character, and so on.
Take action. Possibilities are there. Just do not wait for what other people will do for you - entering your life, like in a fairy tale, and transforming it. Make your life fabulous - you have all the possibilities for this. I know for sure, without even knowing each of you individually.
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Re: balance

Postby Natan » Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:31 am

Not such, perhaps, strong, as the need for self-preservation, but still very strong. It is not for nothing that Freud called the sexual instinct the basic instinct, for he saw what a strong influence he has on a person. So from the position of physiology, everything is simple and clear - our libido [sex attraction to the person of the opposite sex] is supported by hormones, they cause a person's desire to exercise sexual activity. And this desire can sometimes be very strong, if a person has not had sex for a long time. Some people are ready for anything for sex, including violence.
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Re: balance

Postby Daren » Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:44 am

Adjustment is one of the ways to covertly influence people, in order to get them into trust. And by entering a person into trust - you lay a solid foundation for your relationship with him. Usually, to please people, it is useful for them to adjust precisely, as it is pleasant for all to communicate with those who look, think, behave, just like them. But there are very strong personalities in our society who, by their energy alone, force others to imitate them and thus adjust the crowd to themselves. Such people are few, but they are.
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Re: balance

Postby Jason24 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:37 pm

My parents are very important people in my life. We have much in common, but we have different views on music, books and films. At dinner we always discuss the events of the day. When they had their holiday, every year we travel together in different part of our country. When I will have my own family, I won't forget about my parents. I will try to spend time with each person of my family. For example, my mother drives every weekend to her parents, and don't forget to pay attention for me with my father. To balance our families, we gather necessarily on every holiday.
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Re: balance

Postby Dilan » Mon Jul 23, 2018 8:34 am

By the way, about attention, it is also included in the cost of family happiness, and requires us to make certain efforts to use it. Respect can not be expressed in full, if you do not pay attention to the person you respect, and your family members need it like no other. Some people mistake attention, and respect with him, with their subjective point of view about how it will be better for their children, wives or husbands to make decisions without even consulting them. For example, some parents flood their children with money, instead of spending time with them.
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Re: balance

Postby Kane » Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:00 am

And yet, it would be irresponsible on my part to argue that anxiety and anxiety are easy to defeat by own strength, and that any person can do it. Yes, any person can cope with anxiety and anxiety, but not always on their own. First of all, he can not do this because of emotions that disable constructive thinking necessary for solving any problems. In addition, we are in principle not in a position to solve all our problems, especially the psychological nature - ourselves.
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Re: balance

Postby Wester » Thu Aug 16, 2018 6:11 pm

And if a person does not differ from other people, if he does not have special qualities inherent only in him, then we can call him with a very big stretch. However, the question arises - why should each of us differ from other people, why become a person, for what purpose, for what benefit? This is what I will tell you about it, dear readers, in this article. I will tell you how to develop a personality and why it should be developed. Believe me, there is a great benefit from such development.

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